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Jerry Ables
Daniel Ball    
Jane Barker   
Marketta Barnes   
Rex Bearden
Derek Blevins  
Brenda Brown (Fitts)  
Gary Brown  
Ruth Card (Walker)  
Carolyn Carlisle   
Diane Carney
Rick Carpenter   
Lamar Carr (Connie Carr)    
Malinda Carroll
Brenda Chauncey (Fennewald)    
Delane Childers
Brenda Clayton (Redden)   
Patricia Ann Clift (Dennis)  
Larry Coleman   
Judy Cooke
Jerry Correll   
Charles Cox
Claudious Cox   
Patricia Cox
Wanda Cox (Carpenter)  
James Crouch   
Tina Crutchfield  
Johnny Curtis    
Connie Daughtery (Buttner)  
Mary Daughtery   
Janis Davis
Phyllis Davis
Thomas Dennis
Robert Dodd     
Jimmy Downs   
Wesley Duckett  
Dorothy Essex
Shirley Essex
Cynthia Ferguson   
Vance Ferguson
Ronald Forrest    
Ann Frazier   
Jerry Fritts  
Mitchell Frizzell   
Jimmie Gann   
Jane Garrison (Murphy)   
Larry Gibson   
Ron Gibson   
Thomas Gibson
Carol Grant
Timmyed23425 Grant  
Bobby Griffith
Patricia Hamby (Jewell)   
Donna Harper (Sutton)  
Vaughn Hatfield
Ann Hensley (Sarrafzadeh)    
Joe Hensley   
Carl Hickman   
Robert Higgins
Michael Hill  
Alyne Hindman
Thomas Hineman
Brad Hogue   
Sue Holbert (Gibson)   
Gregory Hughes
Helen Hughes (Sinclair)
Janie Hughes (Smith)  
Donnie Humble   
Gail Hutcheson (Nunley)  
Delores Johnson   
Judith Johnson (Williamson)  
Ronald Johnson  
Sharon Johnson (Rogers)  
Delores Jones   
Kathy Jones (Mason)  
Charles La Valley   
Thomas Lanthripp   
Dale Lasley   
Ava Laymons  
Delila Lewis
Alice Lively (Standifer)   
Sharon Longmire  
Mona Lovelady  
Carol May
Imogene May   
Billy Miller   
Douglas Miller   
Darlene Millsaps (Hunt)  
Gary Mitchell   
Mary Moody (Wyrick)   
Henry Moore  
Peggy Moore
Janice Morgan (Waldrop)   
Peggy Morgan (Henson)  
Judy Morrow (Lasley)   
Patrick Murphy   
Larry Mysinger   
Mollie Narramore
Sharon Nation
Nancy Nave
Sharon Nelson (Hobbs)   
Joseph Norris   
Leon Orr  
Alice Paige (Brown)  
Peggy Painter (Drake)   
Betty Park
Benny Parker   
Earnestine Parker   
Ricky Payne  
Allan Pendergrass
Janice Pendergrass Millsaps (Levi)   
Terry Penney  
Margie Phillips (Molina)  
Jeanette Pickett
Patricia Poe (Valentine)   
Karen Privett (Johnson)    
Bobby Raines
Leland Redden  
Eddie Reed   
Terry Rigsby  
Larry Roddy    
Sheila Roddy (Walston)   
John Rogers    
Sarah Routt (Kazmier)   
Carolyn Satterfield (Williams)   
Gary Selcer
Jane Sentell
Donna Shadwick  
Steve Shadwick
Robert Shelton  
Carol Skates
Barney Skiles
Jennifer Skiles (Crawley)   
Donald Sledge   
Diane Smith
Maureen Smith
(Larry) LaVerne Sneed    
Darlene Sneed   
Sidney Snyder  
Ellen Stewart (Fike)   
Gerry Taylor     
William Thompson
Martha Tolbert (Tubbs)  
Nancy Vandergriff (Poole)   
Arthur Varner    
Elizabeth Varner (Scott)   
Laurel Varner
Donna Walker (Jackson)  
Ricky Walker   
Pamela Warren (Tingen)   
Homer Welch  
Lena Wilkey
Carolyn Williams
Marvin J. "Chuck" Williamson  
Bruce Wilson  
Terry Woodall (Branham)  
Sandra Wright
Joseph Young   
Linda Young

Guest Members

Hartley Ashley (Faculty)   
Douglas Batson (Faculty)  
Joy Beene (Faculty)
Clara Bond (Faculty)   
Harland Burnett (Faculty)   
Martha Cartwright (Faculty) (Mi…)   
Ann Coggin (Faculty)
Davis Dew (Faculty)   
Donna Eberhart (Faculty)
Charles Elliott (Faculty)
Larry Elmore (Faculty)
Evelyn Ferry (Faculty)  
Maxie Green (Faculty)
James Harrison (Faculty)
Elizabeth Jenkins (Faculty)  
Benny Johnson (Faculty)  
Bettye Kier (Faculty)  
Sidney Levi (Faculty)  
Virginia Love (Faculty)   
Martha Lowe (Bramlett)  
Myra Millsaps (Faculty)   
William Morgan (Faculty)
Bessie Nipper (Faculty)   
Wilma Small (Faculty)   
Rose Smith (Faculty)  
Janie Smithson (Faculty)  
Jimmy Smithson (Faculty)  
I. K. Snyder (Principal)   
Ruth Swingle (Faculty)  
Robert Thompson (Faculty)  

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